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WHYS Policies and Procedures

Whitman-Hanson Youth Soccer is a volunteer-run organization committed to promoting grassroots soccer in our community, including developing skills, increasing knowledge of the game, and fostering good sportsmanship across the organization. We believe in providing a positive, fun environment where participants can focus on personal growth and development while enjoying playing the game of soccer.

SSSL Zero Tolerance Policy: The S.S.S.L. has adopted a zero-tolerance policy prohibiting the abuse by word or action toward referees by players, coaches or spectators at soccer matches.

Whitman-Hanson Youth Soccer Policies and Procedures

In addition to our WHYS Policies, the below resources are also available for reference.

● The Reporting Child Abuse (Mandatory Reporting) web page includes all policy and information needed to report known or suspected child abuse and or child neglect and sexual misconduct. On this page there is a link to a DCF document that shows all local contact information for DCF along with more valuable resources.

● The Reporting Misconduct web page includes all policy and information needed to report violations of the prohibited conduct policy along with violations of the SafeSport Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP). This web page also has valuable resources to help understand what must be reported.

● The Codes of Conduct web page also includes the Zero Tolerance Policy. Violations of the Codes of Conduct and ZTP may not rise to the level of misconduct that must be reported to Mass Youth Soccer but when it does, use the Reporting Misconduct process.(

● Communicate how to locate, and the importance of, understanding and following all the Mass Youth Soccer Safe Soccer policies to all organization adult members and players’ parents/guardians.

● All adult participants must also review and follow all Mass Youth Soccer required safety policies.


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